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News and Facts
Why is your site password protected?
Because we show our customers true wholesale pricing we want to keep wholesale pricing for qualified wholesale customers only.

I registered for the site but I did not receive a user ID immediately, is there something wrong?
We have so many different types of customers registering for our site that all registrations are handled manually in order to ensure that a real person can check to see if your application does qualify as a potential wholesale account.

I saw a poster on the site last month but it is not there now, are you getting it back or is it discontinued?
Sometimes when a poster is out of stock and we are not sure if or when we will be able to restock it we remove it from the site until we are sure. This prevents customers from placing potentially disappointing backorders! If you are concerned about a particular product, feel free to send us an email asking or give us a call!

Do you sell direct to consumers?
We are currently in the process of creating our own retail website, please check back soon!