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If you have an old print catalogue and are interested in items which are not yet on the site, or want to enquire if they are still available, drop us an email at or phone us directly at 1-800-388-6663.

You can use the website, fax it to us (323-662-8885), or send your order via email 24 hours a day. Our office hours are 9am to 6pm Pacific Time - we love phone orders!

Silent Music does not backorder unless the customer specifically request we do so. we never make poster substitutions without permission.

Orders are processed in the order received with the exception that orders consisting of primarily "onesies" or single quantities, might take longer to process during busy seasons Christmas, Back to School). Further, orders consisting primarily of onesies will be subject to a processing fee of $15.00 or 25 cents per poster, whichever is greater.

All domestic orders will ship FedEx ground. Most orders ship within 2 business days, if this is not possible for any reason you will be notified.

$100, orders less than $175 subject to a $10 processing fee.
STICKERS: min 5 per style, minimum 10 packs total.
POSTCARDS: multiples of 10 per style, minimum 10 packs total.
POSTERS: $100 minimum. No per item minimum, however, orders which are predominantly 1 or 2 items per style will have an additional handling fee added in order to compensate for the extra processing time. You will also find that orders with only one or two giant posters can result in higher shipping charges as they will have to be packaged in order to compensate. Postcards and stickers do not count towards the poster minimum due to packaging restrictions. If you have any feedback or requests, please drop us an email at

*note - postcards and stickers ordered without posters are subject to a $100.00 minimum.

If an item is listed as a "collectible" there may be a limit on how many you will receive. We generally restrict collectible titles to 3 per customer per order in order to ensure everybody has a chance to purchase the item. We hope you understand.

Please keep in mind the shopping cart is designed for single session use! Once you log off or are timed out (60 minutes) from the wholesale site, the contents are emptied. We are working on a system which will store the unfinished orders and hope to have it available soon. Remember it is 60 minutes from your (LAST ACTIVITY), not 60 minutes from the login. As long as you keep a window open and do something every now and then it will stay active. You may actually find it easier to jot the item numbers down by hand either on our order form (click here for an order form) or plain paper and fax or email your order instead.

If a title is marked "backorder now" this will not prevent you from placing it in your cart, however, unfortunately, it doesn't get it into your actual order so please watch out! We try to keep the inventory as accurate as possible to prevent disappointment. We only process a backorder if it is large enough to qualify as an order on its own and even then, only after confirmation.

We are adding postcards to the site as time allows. There are over 2000 postcard designs in our inventory so this is a time consuming process. Either way, when placing a postcard order please note that cards are always sold in multiples of 10.

Allow us to pick your postcard order for you. Of course you can send us in the right direction by giving us an idea of your store's direction and tastes. You can also tell us what you don't need or want. You never get the same order twice and we get the fun of playing with cards. Of course it is in our best interest to send the very best we have to offer so you will order again. If you have ordered posters it makes it even easier to know your tastes. If you do this the price is $4 / 10 pack (40 cents each). This is the most popular way to order postcards and if you have ordered more than 100 titles you will always get a few extra "just in case" titles for free. Just tell us how many styles you want in your postcard assortment and let us take it from there. You can do this by calling us at 1-800-388-6663 or email your assortment request to

Because these orders take about 10 times longer to pull the price is a bit higher (price breakdown below). If you order more than 100 designs the discount will be applied when we process your order. On postcard orders you will get substitutions on out of stock items but they will always be for the same band/movie. If nothing is available (say, for example we only have ONE Stevie Wonder design) of course we would make no substitution. Don't worry, if asked for wanted Motorhead you won't end up with Cher!





0-149 packs: (0-1490 cards) $4.00 pack / 40 cents each $4.50 pack / 45 cents each
200 + packs: (2000 + cards)

$3.75 pack / 37.5 cents each

$4.00 pack / 40 cents each

*note - if you allow us to choose an assortment of over 200 styles that 2 1/2 cent discount is $50!

tel: +1-800-388-6663 fax: +1-323-662-8885 email: